Hiking For Elderly – Lead A Happier, Healthier Life

Hiking For Elderly – Lead A Happier, Healthier Life

Over the years, we’ve met some extraordinary travellers who, despite suffering from cardio vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, and back pain, couldn’t resist the allure of Bhutan’s high altitude monasteries, Ladakh’s far-flung villages, Manali’s snow-capped mountain range, or the spectacular scenery of the Mulayangiri Hills, and took on the challenge of hiking rough, uneven terrain for 2-6 hours while travelling with the 50+ Voy

If you think hiking is too difficult or complicated for your age and health, you might be surprised to learn that hiking is simply going outside in nature.
You can trek if you can walk. Hiking is a low-impact sport that provides various health benefits to the elderly, who require four forms of exercise: endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Hiking incorporates all four types of exercise by improving heart health, reducing muscle atrophy, maintaining body flexibility, and increasing balance while preventing falls. Let me explain some of the advantages of hiking in further detail, as well as some anecdotes from 50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club members who have become hikers.

Tips for Beginner Level Elderly or Sr. Citizen Hikers
1. Start small – A short, local hike for 2-4 km is good to start with. Gradually work up to longer trails of 8-12 km on hills or uneven terrain.

2. Carry a backpack – Even for a short hikes carry water, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, safety whistle and at least a small first aid kit. Consider light but energy-packed snack like a protein bar, nuts and dark chocholate. Seniors are particularly susceptible to dehydration, therefore ensure you drink enough water.

3. Hiking pole and shoe – Pole reduces the impact of hiking on knee joints and leg muscles, especially when going downhill. Furthermore, while walking on level ground, poles reduce the body weight carried by the legs by approximately 5 kg every step. Buy shock absorption pole if you have weak or damaged ankles, knees or hips. Wear comfortable shoe with spikes. Avoid wearing new shoes which causes blisters and discomfort.

4. Bring a buddy or guide – Don’t hike solo as a beginner. Travel with a like-minded friend, hiking group or a guide who knows the trail well. Keep your family informed on where you are going and when you are expected to return.

5. Know before you go – Check local weather – dress and pack raincoat/hat etc. accordingly. Keep a trail map handy. Best time for hiking is early morning and late afternoon.


5 Spectacular Holidays to Give Your Parents

5 Spectacular Holidays to Give Your Parents

You may have given your parents the latest electronics, clothes, or even a car, but if you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind gift this year, consider giving them a vacation—an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Here are our top five holiday experiences for you to choose from.

Staying on a Houseboat in Alleppey

Book a day-and-night stay aboard a kettuvallam, a traditional rice boat that cruises through the backwaters of ‘God’s own country,’ to give your parents a real Kerala vacation. The houseboats are built with a sturdy steel construction and natural materials that make them stable and safe. They also contain living areas, air-conditioned bedrooms, and kitchens that make them feel like a home on the water. They will not only enjoy the bustling village life but also the gorgeous backwaters as they cruise through the Vembanadu Lake, the longest backwater stretch, or via the canals that meander between island villages. Book a houseboat stay with a reputable boat operator in advance and surprise your parents with a vacation they won’t soon forget.

In Udaipur, the royals live in a Haveli.

Rajasthan conjures up thoughts of kings and queens, beautiful forts and palaces, a vibrant and enchanting culture, and history that one aspires to step into and experience firsthand. The ideal way for your parents to experience this monarchy is for them to live in one of the restored Shekhawati havelis that formerly belonged to a landowner. These architecturally rich havelis are furnished with 18th century furnishings, hand-painted murals, elaborate crystal chandeliers, teak wood doors, and ornate brickwork, similar to a boutique hotel. The personal service provided by turbaned workers, as well as chats with the owners who live in a section of the haveli, add to the authenticity of the experience. Providing your family with a taste of the

A Quaint Farm-stay at Coonoor
The modest farms in Coonoor offer a home-like stay with the unique possibility of enjoying life on a farm, with lush green meadows, pine woods, and stunning gardens and orchards. A farm-stay in Coonoor is full of all the things that make your days languorous and precious, from living in a rustic cottage with wild flowers growing all around to helping the owners milk their cows or tend to their organic vegetable garden, to even learning how to make your own cheese and cook authentic Nilgiri fare. You may also see wild animals such as bison, leopards, and deer that wander into the farm. If your parents are searching for a relaxing vacation, a farm stay in Coonoor can be the answer.

Beach-side Resort Experience at Havelock

What better way to experience the Andamans than to stay in an old-world but comfortable thatched home on Havelock Island, overlooking the turquoise sea?
Add in a beautiful scenery with sugar-white beaches, luscious lagoons, and thick forests, and you’ve got yourself a beach vacation that your parents will remember for the rest of their life. Book your parents a stay at one of the numerous eco-friendly boutique beach resorts that offer modern facilities, breathtaking views of the surrounding oceans, and a variety of activities such as nature walks, kayaking, and snorkelling.

A Serene Stay at a Coffee Plantation in Coorg

If your parents are coffee connoisseurs or enjoy the peace and quiet that can only be found away from the rush and bustle of city life, a gift of a plantation stay is sure to delight. There are various true coffee-plantation resorts to select from, where you can observe the bean-to-cup journey of coffee, lend a hand at rice paddy farms, and enjoy an organic way of life centred on soaking up the beauty of the location and enjoying a slower pace of living.
With coffee estates strewn across the countryside, tiny little villages to visit, paddy and maize fields contributing a beautiful shade of green to the scenery, and bubbling streams and gushing waterfalls adding to the natural beauty of the place—Kodagu is a must-see.


Tour packages for Parents

Tour packages for Parents

Tour packages for Parents. When we grow young we reach a stage where we realise that now it is time to do something for our parents. One of the things you can do is make them feel confident by gifting a dream tour package for parents.

We at love to understand the motive and then design an itinerary. It is believed that this relationship is one of the purest and the intention is only loving. Our company already have ample experience in drafting Holiday packages for parents.

After the 2020 pandemic situation, it has become very important to travel safely. Especially when the loved one is travelling it is important to arrange everything perfectly. Also, there are different travel rules for every destination.No one would want their loved one to get stuck in a new place. It has become very important to go with expert advice.

Best Holiday destinations for parents

Holiday destinations can be decided as per the preferences of the travellers. We find people above 50 restrict themself to travel to abroad due to less confidence. If it is the case, then you should try to boost their confidence by forcing them to visit foreign countries with’s help. We are not putting foreign destinations ahead of domestic Indian beauty as we strongly believe that destinations in India and way more capable than anyother place in the world.

Let us point out the best foreign holiday destinations for parents first

Tour packages